PHP FansOnly nulled Patrons v1.7 – Paid Content Creators Platform

This is a PHP FansOnly nulled script uploaded to codecanyon, Create your own websites like or and grow like mad. It’s like a social network but allows content creators to directly earn MONEY from their FANS for their PREMIUM content.

  1. Content Creator: You can subscribe and share private content with your fans.
  2. Content consumer: you can subscribe and subscribe to your favorite stars.

Of these subscriptions, 80% of the profits go to the user who shares the content, and the remaining 20% ​​goes to the platform owner.



A) Installing the Script


  • Connect to your hosting Control Panel and upload the zip file folder “” to your domain. (must be under either root or subdomain. No subfolders please.)
  • Make sure .htaccess file is included otherwise the script will malfunction as the file is required to do the mod_rewrite SEO friendly URL’s job.

B) Setting the MySQL Database


  • Go to your hosting Control Panel and point to the database manager.
  • Create a MySQL database and ASSIGN a MySQL User to it.
    Go to phpMyAdmin and select the database you’ve just created.
    Import the file located into “database/fansonly-patrons.sql” folder.

C) Admin Panel & Credentials


  • Navigate to
  • Login with the Default email: and default password: adminer
  • Point to Admin Logins and enter your desired admin login email & password.

Step two is to open at the root of the folder with any text editor and update mysql database connection info.

D) General Configuration


  • Navigate to and login with the credentials you’ve just configured earlier at step C).
  • Point to “Configuration” tab
  • You will see a nice & complete form with options to set the following:
  • Admin email address
  • Pagination options
  • SEO title/meta/description
  • Homepage headlines
  • General Colors
  • …etc

E) Configure Payments API

Fansonly Patron supports three gateways for taking payments on subscriptions plans & tips:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards via Stripe (recommended)
  • Credit Cards via CCBill


  • Step one is to go to Stripe account settings and get your API keys
  • Step two is to go to Stripe account -> Webhooks and create an endpoint to listen for events (subscriptions/payments/failures/etc.)
  • Step three is to go to admin panel->payment settings and update Stripe API Public & Private Keys.


Simply go to admin->payments & plans and click to enable “PayPal Payments”.
All you have to do is to insert your paypal email and that’s it! No api keys whatsoever like with Stripe.


You need DYNAMIC PRICING enabled in your CCBill Account – Get in touch with their live support
Login to your CCBill account.

Then go to FlexForms Systems and add new flex form.

After that, point to your Subaccount admin (if you don’t have one, contact CCBill support to create and obtain one)

IMPORTANT: From that subaccount setup Webhooks

Configure CCBill to not collect username/passwords

For any queries related to CCBill Billing


F) Configure Mail Server

One very important configuration we suggest in order to make sure your email goes into users inboxes and actually gets delivered is to make sure you are configuring smtp mail server into admin->mail configuration.


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