Malware Scanner V-1.5 – Malicious Code Detector

Malware Scanner V-1.5 - Malicious Code Detector

Malware Scanner V-1.5 will scan your website with one click. It can scan both known and unknown viruses, shells, malware, malicious code infections, and other website threats.

Malware Scanner V-1.5 has a powerful admin control panel, which you can run a scan and it is also combined with the Security Check tool. The Admin Panel has a lot of features and settings. Scan Process can be customized as per your need.
Main Features of the script
Malicious Files Scanner
the script may scan your website for malicious files and can notify you if any are detected.
Normal Scan option
The normal scan scans all files with the easy scan engine.
Deep Scan option
The deep scan scans all files with the heaviest scan engine but could show many false-positive threats.
Scan Customization
You can choose which directories and files with specific extensions to be scanned. Files and directories will be whitelisted.
Customizable Scan Strings
Additional scan strings is added.
Detailed Information
The script offers detailed information about the detected file like File Stats and Threat Information.
Security Check
Powerful tool which will list all vulnerable PHP Functions that are enabled on your host.
Dashboard with File Stats
On the Dashboard, you’ll check the Statistics.
No database required
The script works without a database connection.
Very Optimized
The script is extremely lightweight and won’t overload your website.
Fully Responsive
Looks good on many devices and screen resolutions.
Easy to setup
The script is integrated with Installation Wizard that may facilitate your to put in the app.
Easy to be used
The script works on the “Upload & Run” principle.
and many more…

there’s an opportunity for false-positive results.


  • PHP

Installation Instructions

  • Upload the files from the “Source” folder on host via FTP
  • Visit your directory where you uploaded the files (eg:
  • The Installation Wizard will run automatically, just follow the steps.

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